So your journey begins...

There is something about the African continent that is simply divine. It is set apart in a breath taking scene that denotes a freedom that is remarkably rare to the rest of the world. For to truly know Afrika is to first experience it’s wonder.  At Lasendle Afrika, we are all about the wild, we take pride in nature’s untouched beauty and we would truly love to warmly welcome you into this magical world that is wild and free!  By combining a series of packages that have been thoroughly and carefully thought out, we cater for all personalities and age groups. Our deepest desire is to offer all our guests quality and fun filled memorable African safaris that go over and above their wildest dreams. We can only imagine the time it takes to plan for these kind of trips for you and your family and therefore we have made it our ultimate goal to give you value for your money in all our packages regardless of budget status. 

Why Travel With us?

The Best Of Both Worlds

While some may concentrate only on tourism landmarks and attractions, our imagination stretches further to give you a wider scope of the true Magic of Africa as we capture the very essence of your love story amidst untamed beauty that can only be found on the soils of Africa.


Worried that your booking is so last minute and that it may be impossible to make it work? Please, worry no more and trust us to make your dream a reality even in the shortest of time. We are well versed with last minute bookings and we would like to take the load off your back so you can sit back and enjoy your adventure.

An Extra Mile

If you thought our services are strictly limited to what you have paid for, you thought wrong! We at Lasendle believe in a few surprises along the way that you least expected. Moments that will add flavor to your adventure and make it even more meaningful, moments that will put a big smile on your face even long after you speak of it as a memory.

In The Best Hands

With our team of passionate experts over 10 years’ experience in the tourism industry, you cannot go wrong. To us, it’s not just a job, it is something we are truly passionate about and are driven by love to create beautiful memories and bring a smile to our clients’ faces. We do all the stressing for you and handle everything for you so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy every moment with no single worry.

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